Below is our list of 10 video games with terrible titles that’ll make you cringe so hard you’ll drop your controller. By no means are these games bad, they were just born with unfortunate names.

A good video game title is supposed to be the perfect setup for a game -- it grabs you and throws you into a world without even a glance at the box art. Without a strong title, why bother even picking up the game?

Games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time tantalize you with a mystery that might reveal itself within the game's master code. When you started, you had no idea what an ocarina was. When you were finished, you had one on your bedside table ready to play the Song of Storms. Bioshock smashes together two words that describe the one of the core game mechanics, beside hitting things with a wrench.

A good title evokes the ethos of the game without giving too much away. It is unique, memorable, symbolic, and easy to say in conversation. When a title fails to be interesting, memorable, original, or evocative, it does a disservice to an otherwise great game possibly hiding underneath. The following games may have been great games, but we would never know under the veneer of a hideous title.

This list of unfortunately named titles had players scratching their heads before pushing down on controller buttons. Check out our list of 10 video games with terrible titles:

  • 10

    Demon's Souls


    Demon’s Souls is a perfect example of a spectacular game with an annoying title. It is a game you want to discuss but shutter at the thought of accidentally spitting on your friend. Demon Souls would have been fine. We would still have understood that it was a game about obtaining the souls of demons. The addition of the 's just before souls made things way more complicated and annoying. The sibilance is grating and, worst of all, you get those annoying people who feel the need to correct you when you pronounce it in an easier fashion. Luckily, it overcame its unfortunate title and mercilessly beat its way into our hearts.

  • 9

    Wild Woody


    This game sounds like the title of an adult movie set in the wild west. While the title is certainly intriguing, it is a bit too obtuse and elicits snarky remarks. Yes, the game is about a pencil, but we've never heard anyone call a pencil a "woody." If you passed this game sitting on a store shelf, you'd give it a second glance only to determine if it were naughty or not. When you find out it's about office supplies you'll probably put it right back on the shelf.

  • 8

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    SEGA Genesis

    Sports games always have issues with wordiness. As usual, you get a famous athlete’s name with an assortment of jargon for some high level sporting event and words like “pro” or “ultra” slapped on at the end. This game’s title is so long, and unsurprisingly boring, that we don’t even feel like typing it out. Check out the box art -- You can't even read the damn thing. For being long, pedantic, and difficult to say, this game lands itself a spot on our list of 10 video games with terrible titles.

  • 7

    Um Jammer Lammy


    Ummm....what? This sounds a bit like baby speak. Say this game name out loud and people will assume you're having a stroke. What does the title tell us about the game? Is someone jamming a lamb? If so, we prefer strawberry jam and two pieces of white bread on our lamb and cheese sandwich. Unlike its predecessor Parappa the Rapper which eloquently explained itself in a few interesting words, Um Jammer Lammy fails in the coherent department as well as the conversation one.

  • 6

    Divine Divinity

    Is the divinity divine or the divine full of divinity? Maybe the divine divinity is divine in and of itself. Oh no, we’ve gone crosseyed. Whatever the logic behind this title, we know that it's essentially meaningless. This doesn't bode well for the intelligent gamer sifting through the shelves. Repeating the same word isn’t going to make us remember the title. The meaningless title forces it in one ear only to have it divinely flutter out the other.

  • 5

    Totally Rad


    This is not a title. This is a review of a game by a 12-year-old adrenaline junkie. Yes, it appears the game is “totally rad” but what is it about? “Totally Rad” could be used to describe almost anything. We’re sure that professional chess players have used that term in conjunction with a perfectly executed defensive strategy. If the internet had been around when this game was released, then a Google search would have turned up photos of surfing, skydiving, and cats. This title doesn't describe the game in any concrete terms. At least the main character is wearing a vest, which we all know,  are totally rad.

  • 4



    NOPE! Just, no! Listen, in a world where video games are constantly being criticized for causing violence and deviance, titling yourself Wargasm isn’t helping the cause. Fetishizing violence does happen in some video games, but when you do it in the title, you’re jumping the gun a bit. This title does get a few points for somewhat describing the game, but they're immediately deducted for bad taste. Also, as a teen, what are you going to say when your parents ask what game you're playing? For corrupting society with its terrible name, Wargasm earns a spot on our list of the 10 terrible video game titles.

  • 3



    Say this five times fast and see if you can talk for the rest of the week. It is a dyslexic title that gets things confused. There are just too many letters. Delete the "ba" and you have Psydek which is adequately intriguing and descriptive of the game. We guess the developers didn't want their hover board game confused with Psyduck the Pokemon.

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    When it's impossible to repeat the name of a game, word of mouth publicity isn't in the cards. We feel like if someone tried to recommend this game in regular conversation, they’d give themselves a hernia. No video game title should have 4/5’s of the letters coming out of the last three letters of the alphabet. Sure it looks unique, but no one is going to remember a game they can't pronounce and looks like someone sneezed on a Scrabble board.

  • 1

    Irritating Stick

    Here we have a game title so literal it's actually boring. It evokes emotion, but the wrong emotion. We've all felt failure at the hands of a rigged carnival game and don't want to be reminded of our shortcomings. Also, if other games used the same mode of naming, we’d have way more games with titles like Easily Distracted Renaissance Killer, Realistic Automobile Racing, and Modern Warfare. For having an irritatingly boring title, Irritating Stick get stuck at the top of our list of the 10 terrible video game titles.


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