Reason #7,342 that being an adult sucks -- Engaging in a bit of lightsaber horseplay at the local Toys 'R Us is really frowned upon.

Just ask 33-year-old David Allen Canterbury, who was arrested after he attacked other shoppers in a Portland, Oregon toy store with a pair of the plastic Jedi swords.

When the police first tried to take Canterbury down with a taser, he was able to deflect the wire away with one of his 'weapons,' suggesting he might actually be a Sith warrior. But, alas, the Rebels the cops won in the end.

Canterbury apologized to his victims during his sentencing Monday, and told the judge he was already seeking mental health treatment.  Canterbury was 'forced' to serve a 45-day jail sentence.

Perhaps worst of all, he was banned from the Toy R Us, and will now have to buy his Boba Fett pajamas elsewhere.

[via MSNBC]