We've seen Jean-Claude Van Damme do some pretty epic things, but this new video from Volvo Trucks is perhaps one of the most epic. In fact, he goes on to pull "the most epic of splits." The star of films such as 'Timecop' and 'Street Fighter' is known for being at the peak of physical perfection, so it's awesome to see him take it to the next level. What are we talking about? Well, just watch the video above!

Watched it yet? Then join us as our brains explode and we lament the fact that we can't even sit up straight or walk up a flight of steps without nearing a state of exhaustion, much less do a split on solid ground. As the man himself says, he has "a pair of legs engineered to defy the laws of physics."

The fact that Enya's "Only Time" is playing in the background while the sun disappears over the horizon is just icing on the cake. We honestly don't know how much more epic this demonstration can get. Now if only we could see what happened during Live Tests 1-5. We're pretty sure Van Damme crushed the trucks used in those tests with his pure manliness.

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