There was a whole lot of news that came out of 2013. And, as you might expect, a whole lot of news bloopers were made. Here are some more of the year's best.

Any time you're recording something live, you've got to expect the unexpected. In the cases of the newscasters and reporters in the video above, the unexpected can oftentimes be hilarious. In the video, you'll see examples of people who let their exhibitionist flags fly, reporters who are never aware of when the cameras are rolling and animals behaving the way you'd expect them to when put in strange situations.

Some of our favorites include a reporter who claims she's Oprah, a football fan exclaiming his love for his team while being shirtless and sitting on his buddy's shoulders and the various reporters who either mistakenly spout dirty language or just forget their lines altogether.

It's also cool to see some of the reporters who don't cave under pressure and keep their cool even after something weird happens. For example, reporter Allie Clifton was covering a Cavaliers game when a basketball bonked her right on the head. Without missing a beat, Clifton kept on reporting as if nothing had happened. That is what you call professionalism, people.

Watch the video above to see the rest of 2013's Best News Bloopers. In the link below, you can find the first part of the series and get even more laughs.

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