True skateboard freaks will skate over anything, even the baseball cathedral that is Yankee Stadium. But if they can look this good doing it, what's the harm, grandpa? Watch the video above to see some major league shredding.

Skaters Brandon Westgate, Dave Willis and Chaz Ortiz of skateboard and apparel-maker Zoo York took over Yankee Stadium recently and filmed themselves skating on benches, railings, ramps and just about everything except the monuments  (that includes both the actual Yankees monuments and the injured Yankees currently on the disabled list). They also trashed about $50 worth of popcorn (four bags)

Given how sparse the Yankees' crowds have been at times this season, maybe the team should consider inviting Zoo York to skate like this during a game. It might even get kids to care more about baseball (just as long as they don't allow Yanks' broadcaster John Sterling to do commentary).

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