Let's face it -- nothing goes better with guns than alcohol. It's not surprising, then, that this dude decides to chug a cold one during a lull while hunting. What is surprising is that he uses nothing but his teeth. Good thing he's got beer to dull the pain.

According to this YouTube user, whose name is (fittingly) countrybullet, he grew bored while sitting in a deer stand and decided to open a brew using his choppers. Notice the technique as he shoves the can in his mouth and rotates it like an electric can opener, gnawing the top completely off in the process. Then, he chugs the entire beer in less than five seconds and lets out a series of hearty burps, which probably frighten off any deer in the vicinity.

Why does he do this in the first place? As every hunter knows, time alone in a deer stand can make a man do crazy things. Crazy things like sit alone in a tree and wait for deer.

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