Wrestling is a brutal sport. Even if you’re in a more – we’ll call it choreographed - league, the moves are physical, require skill and can be rather punishing. And, if you don’t do them right you could kill yourself. If you mess up a move, and you’re lucky, you only land on your head instead of breaking your neck. Like this guy.

An independent wrestler in Alabama, who goes by the name Charade, was attempting a moonsault off the top rope. Instead of landing on his opponent, Charade landed on his head, doing the most damage to himself and leaving his much larger opponent completely unharmed.

After one half revolution too many – and what was apparently a failed prayer before the move – the clearly lands right on his noggin. It looked bad. It sounded bad. And, you could tell by the audience and announcer’s reaction, everyone thought the end would be bad.

But it wasn’t.

Charade finished the match – with his opponent trying to pin him and take credit for his weakened state – and never lost consciousness. In fact, in a feat of wrestling strength, he merely fractured his skull. Which is like stubbing a toe in wrestling terms.

Of course, he’s swamped with medical bills he also can’t seem to put a dent in, so a dinner is being held to raise funds for him.

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