You can wait until Halloween, but you still won't be as terrified as you will be when you watch this real-life exorcism.

Priests in Argentina recently performed the ritual on a 22-year-old woman in the hopes of ridding the devil out of her body.

One area man had gone to church to pray for the possessed woman:

We could hear her screaming and crying and we prayed for her deliverance. She was a good girl but turned bad when the devil possessed her. She had to be exorcised, she had to be free."

It's an intense five-minute clip, with the woman writhing around and making aggressive, angry noises that you usually only hear coming from an obese guy who's furious the all-you-can-eat buffet ran out of chicken wings. Except, if it's possible, this woman -- or whoever exactly possessed her -- may actually be more irate.