A knee surgery left Patrick Priebe with a ton of free time. So, one weekend, instead of keeping up with those Kardashians or giving himself early onset carpal tunnel in our babe section, Priebe decided to build a wrist-strapped crossbow out of stuff lying around his house.


Priebe's "Wristbow" ain't no pea-shooter. Its tiny metal arrows can not only pop balloons and pierce apples from nine feet away (with help from a laser mounted scope) but it can also puncture soda cans. The Wristbow can concealed discreetly (that's probably not a good thing) and is fully operational using one hand. Priebe is also offering custom order Wristbows on his website.

It's not Priebe's first wrist-based device. His arsenal includes a palm-mounted laser capable of popping balloons from several feet and a 1-megawatt pulse laser gun. It's no wonder he doesn't spend any time in the babe section. His wrist is incredibly important to his work.

[Via Gizmag]

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