Every day, we feature one of the fantastic and fascinating SuicideGirls. Every single girl is incredibly popular but it's time to choose just one winner -- the SuicideGirl of the Year.

We've picked the ten most popular SuicideGirls from 2012. Soya, our returning champion, has competition from nine other lovely ladies including the very popular Kemper Suicide. Click on each girl's name to see their original post from this year.

The voting ends December 31st, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST and the winning girl gets interviewed and featured on this website on the first of the year. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite SuicideGirl wins!

Who will emerge as the queen killer for 2012?

  • Kemper

    Meet Kemper, a SuicideGirl who spends most of her free time searching for the “mythical clitoris." Can we join the search party?

  • Babilina

    Meet Babilina – a 26-year-old Brazilian who’s into tequila, whiskey, vodka, and sex – specifically in a car. She didn’t say anything about it being a rental, so we’re off to Hertz.

  • Lass

    Lass, the 20-year-old bookworm from Scotland, has been featured numerous times on the website but really not enough in our opinion. If only we could control something like that.

  • Felina

    Meet Felina — a SuicideGirl who’s into coffee, drawing, photography, and listening to The Doors, Johnny Cash, and Queens of the Stone Age. Is it too much to state Felina’s the Queen of the Bone Age? Yeah. Too much.

  • Brulee

    Meet Brulee, a 20-year-old “total stoner” from Ohio who loves dreads (duh) and gets all frowny face when those ASPCA commercials come on. Us, too, Brulee. Us, too.

  • Soya

    The returning champion, this SuicideGirl came back even stronger in 2012.

  • Bessy

    Meet Bessy – a 21-year-old SuicideGirl who’s into IT (information technology, not the Stephen King monster, although, she’s probably into that, too).

  • Dimples

    Meet Dimples, a Suicide Girl from Chicago who loves her sock monkey and isn’t quite sure what the term “drug free” means.

  • Kieve

    Today’s SuicideGirl is rainbow-haired Kieve. She’s a Colombian stylist who loves pizza and Batman.

  • Katherine

    Meet Katherine, a SuicideGirl who calls herself a complete drunk, makes her own happiness and thinks she eats way too much junk food.