There's a slammn' brunette who is obsessed with organization or something office-y in the Office Depot 'Depot Time' commercial.

She's all about the office products, because, really, who isn't? But she has that sexy, passive aggressive thing going on. She even flashes some bodacious cleavage, which would make us want to put in some overtime at the ol' 9 to 5. Wouldn't you if one of your co-workers looked like her? This cubicle dwelling paper pusher is enough to make us look forward to punching the clock.

Who is this blazingly hot working woman with a love of office items?

She's Amelia Cooke and while she hails from Colorado. She spent 10 years studying with the National Ballet in Canada, so we know she's nimble and quick on her feet.

Her real job is outside of the office, since she's an actress and a model. She was in a 2004 episode of 'CSI: Miami,' and she's also appeared on the soap 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'