Tax time is just around the corner. Groan. We know how it is dude; you owe, so it's off to work you go. While there's nothing sexy about taxes, the idea of slaying them is sort of hot, and watching a beautiful woman slay her taxes is even hotter. This TaxSlayer commercial takes some of the sting out of sharing your income with the government.

Our tax babe gets frustrated with Siri's inability to help her with her taxes. Never fear, tax babe: TaxSlayer to the rescue.

So who is our brave tax-slaying hero?

Here name is Molly McKinney and she is a 26-year-old TV personality who hosted the children's program 'Aqua Kids' up until 2010. The show educated the youth of today about protecting our marine environments and the mammals that inhabit them. She's a Maryland native.

Follow her on Twitter. She's into NASA.

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