Auto makers like Porsche usually cater to the swinging single guy. Their target audience is the car owner who only wants enough room for a massive, gas guzzling engine inside a tight carbon fiber body with only two seats: one for him and one for a very shapely lady, with enough "head room," if you know what we mean.

However, car brands like Porsche know they won't survive if they just churn out cars for single guys and gals who think they'll be young and single forever. Maybe that's why rumors are circulating that Porsche's next big thing could actually be a spacious, four-door coupe.

'Automobile' magazine reports that Porsche might be turning its 960 into a coupe to compete with Ferrari's FF. If that's true, the new model would at least be a twin-turbo, mid-engine car that can produce 650 horsepower (hp). They'll need 670 hp if they really want to wipe Ferrari's new coupe off the block.

So far, the four-door Porsche coupe is only a rumor, but it makes perfect sense if Porsche wants to be more competitive. Porsche also has some high expectations for the 960 and the other cars they are about to roll out for their fleet, such as the 918 Spyder and the Junior Cayenne. The company hopes these new car models can double its sales to over 200,000 units in just the next six years.

Of course, rumors like these don't hurt. We're sure it's all part of Porsche's marketing strategy to build anticipation for the new car.

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