Fran Bailey is a tattoo artist from Newtown, Wales who's been inked with everything from a drunk cat to a plate of sushi. Fran loves it so much, she's even been featured in the documentary 'My Tattoo Addiction.' 

Good ole' Fran is also a fan of cats. A few years back, she adopted five felines, all of whom were infected with feline AIDS. Unfortunately, the tattooed cat lady lost all her pets to the disease, so it's no surprise she wanted to commemorate those poor things with a couple of cat tats.

Naturally, Fran wanted to make sure each of the animals was remembered in a very special manner. That borderlines on sappy, but stick with us here. See, Fran's inking turned into a massive cat portrait tattoo covering her entire upper back.

What makes the ink intriguing is that each cat is depicted with "elements of each one's personalities," like a dunce cap, an ear cast and red worm-like things.vThere's also the monocle and bow tie-clad cat and the one wearing a chef hat, for reasons entirely unknown.

Regardless of the oddness on display here, we think it's sort of nice she'll have a couple of dead cats on her back for the rest of her life. It's charming.

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