You've heard all those crazy stories about women biting men's penises, right? Well, prepare to go next level.

Martinne Delaveg, a 51-year-old woman from Jacksonville, N.C., was arrested for biting her boyfriend's testicles last week during a domestic dispute.

Delaveg, who has been charged with malicious castration (as opposed to, what, good-hearted castration?) and assault with intent to inflict serious bodily injury, appeared in court last week, claiming the matter was a misunderstanding.

Really? Really? How can this possibly be a misunderstanding? It's hard for there to be a misunderstanding when she's chomping down on his rocks and he's screaming bloody murder. It's not like he forget their safe word.

Despite the incident, the victim, who needed stitches on his testicles and may have suffered permanent damage, has stated he still wants to have contact with Delaveg, who endured injuries to her head when her boyfriend tried to escape.

Delaveg posted $10,000 bond, which means she's now back on the streets. And that means the men of Jacksonville, N.C. had better make sure they've got their jockstraps made of armor ready to go.