Ashley Horton got her motor running and headed out on the highway. She was lookin' for adventure and whatever came her way. Those Steppenwolf lyrics are our clever way of telling you Ashley was caught masturbating on a Florida highway and got arrested.

The 35-year-old Alabama woman pulled her car over on a stretch of Highway 484 near Interstate 75 in Ocala, Florida, wearing nothing but a pink shirt. She then went to town on herself for a half hour. Passing motorists could see her and many reportedly hung U-turns to catch more of the show. Talk about rubbernecking.

When police arrived to clothe and arrest her (BOOO!) the hot-handed Holton screamed and bit them and continued to expose herself.  She was charged with battery on an officer, disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs.

What can we say? Like a true nature's child, she was born, born to be wild.

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