A Utah woman, fed up with her husband's devotion to video gaming, took a novel approach to getting his attention -- she posted him for sale on Craigslist.

In an ad in the "Free Stuff" section, she posted the following...

"I am selling my 22 year old husband. He Enjoys eating and playing video games all day. Easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5 hours. You must have Internet and space for gaming. Got tired of waiting so free to good home. If acceptable replacement is offered will trade."

The husband in question, Kyle Baddley, recently spent 48 hours playing the game Modern Warfare 3, sparking his wife Alyse to joke about selling him -- a move encouraged by Kyle's own mother.

The Craigslist ad caught the attention of the local media, and the story went viral from there. "I've had a couple [responses from] men saying, 'oh I'm housebroke, I'm trained, I'll trade him places,'" Alyse said.

For his part, Kyle, who returned home to Utah from Afghanistan after sustaining a back injury, says gaming keeps him connected to his military buddies. Despite some public concern about his marriage, he knows a good-natured joke when he sees one.

Let's hope his Craigslist ad for a new wife gets as big as a response.

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