Maybe she ought to work her way up to this weight.

Witness the chunk-worthy effort here by a woman taking part in a deadlifting contest. Yup, she hurls, upchucks, vomits, spews chunks and any other expression you can think of for throwing up.

Pity the poor folks in the front row who she sprayed like they were dodging watermelon juice at a Gallagher show.

The girl also joins the internet army of people who find the absolute wrong time to let their body do whatever it is it feels like it needs to do while the camera rolls (we're looking at you, Mr. Peeing Sky High). It'd be a lot more glorious if, you know, this was the moment she managed to lift the weight, take one hand away and use the other to pull out a pastrami sandwich from her pocket and start eating it.

Sadly, life doesn't work that way, so this will have to do for her 15 seconds of fame.