Collecting coins, reading detective novels, getting married -- they're all hobbies.

A New York City woman is in big trouble for tying the knot 10 times in different counties around the state since 1999 without ever getting divorced.

Liana Barrientos is the woman at the center of the storm. Authorities caught onto her after she filed her 10th marriage license.

Aside from the fact that women stereotypically dream of walking down the aisle, it's unclear why Barrientos continued to binge-marry.

She reportedly married men from countries like Pakistan, Georgia and Egypt and even did it in some instances in exchange for money.

Why would a woman -- or anyone, for that matter -- marry 10 people? Did she want to get the most mileage out of her wedding dress that she could? Did she just really enjoy throwing the bouquet? Was registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond that much fun?

Whoever the next guy to get involved with her had better beware because she's toting around more baggage than you can find in a Samsonite factory. Of course, she probably got a ton of real baggage as wedding gifts, so, you know, it all balanced out.