When it comes to record-setting tongues, you could say this woman has the competition licked.

Adrianne Lewis, 18, has what may very well be the longest tongue in the world. Insert creepy sex joke here.

Lewis comes from a long line of relatives with long tongues, including her mother, grandmother and great-grandfather. Insert lame Gene Simmons joke here.

The tongue is four inches long, which is longer than the currently recognized world record of 3.97 inches. And while it may be big, Lewis can move it around with the ease of the race car eating up all the property on the Monopoly board. She can lick her nose, touch her elbow and eye, configure it into shapes you usually only see when eating corkscrew pasta and flap it like a goldfish outside its bowl.

And, yes, she has a boyfriend. Insert "If I had a tongue that long I wouldn't need a girlfriend" joke here.

You can watch Lewis doing her thing in some other videos.