According to a new study, growing a beard might give a fellow an advantage in the boardroom, but it could very well hurt his prospects in the bedroom.

Researchers from the University of Lethbridge in Canada showed photos of men with full beards -- and then those same men clean shaven -- to 200 women in New Zealand and Samoa. Women from both cultures rated the beardless photos  "significantly" more attractive. If we can't trust the women of New Zealand and Somoa to give an honest opinion, who the heck can we trust?!?

On the bright side, for the bearded, they are viewed by both men and women as being of higher social status than those without the face fluff. The study also found men, in particular, are impressed and somewhat intimidated by those who can grow full beards.

This suggests the evolutionary purpose of a beard is to fend off other man and not attract women. However, there is still a way you can use your facial hair to your advantage, when it comes to the fairer sex. Previous research suggests men with light stubble are rated most attractive to women. So, in another four or five years when you can grown facial hair, you've got it made.

Oh that's a beard? We thought you slept face-first in coffee grounds.


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