Domestic abuse is never adorable – unless of course, puppies are involved.

A couple in Fridley, Minnesota were arrested after an argument on March 29th escalated in the parking lot outside their apartment building.

David Peter Remme, 25, was arrested for third-degree assault after he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face and broke her nose. The girlfriend, Gabrielle Tywon Allen, retaliated to his attack in the most appropriate way possible – by throwing three newborn pit bull puppies at him. It's almost like a move out of Street Fighter.

While pit bulls come with the wrap of being bad asses, we’re not sure how much pull they have when they’re just puppies – maybe she was trying to kill Remme with cuteness? In any event, the stunt landed her to be held on possible charges of animal cruelty. The pups were reportedly uninjured and the couple was taken to the Anoka Jail the same day.

The puppies were let go to roam the earth, kind of like Kwai Chang Caine in 'Kung Fu.'


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