We've all been there. Some friends are over, you got the beers cracked open, your playing 'Super Mario Kart' on the SNES, and your multi-player matches are heating up. One guy keeps getting the red turtle shell and popping your balloons. Strong words are said. Then after a few beers and a few losses, you throw your controller at his face and start a fist fight. No biggie, right? Well, this kid in Ontario probably wishes his neighbor had hit him with a controller instead of a knife.

According to Cnews in Canada, 20 year-old Jordan Osborne alleges he went over to his neighbor's apartment to ask him to chill out when he kept overhearing him arguing through his headset while playing 'World of Warcraft.' 21 year-old Justin Williams then reportedly choked Osborne, punched him in the face and stabbed him in the chest, Osborne allaeges.

Williams is being charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. (Why he's not being charged with attempted murder is beyond us, but it looks like Williams will be joining a whole new guild when he hits the showers in jail. A guild that will gladly accept a raging lunatic who is good with his hands.)

Police are still investigating if Williams allegedly used a regular kitchen knife or an enchanted blade with +4 rage attributes.

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