If you, like a good chunk of the human population of Earth, dislike telemarketers, then you're about to hear something that will only reinforce that opinion.

This telemarketer, named Mark, has a very testy and uncomfortable exchange with a woman he called. He's vaguely threatening and everything about him makes you think he could be the bad guy in a cheesy horror flick in which he goes around threatening people for no real reason.

His offer of $100 for the woman to play back any of their conversation she claims to have recorded and his strip club analogy are probably not the best way to get a skeptical customer on your side, so he probably should've just stayed with the script he was told to recite.

And then he reminds her he's in charge, which is always a good way to win over complete strangers over the phone, right?

He pretty much sounds like a loan shark who tries to scare the pants off people who are late paying back the money they owe by reminding them that Big Sal over there doesn't like when people are delinquent, at which point Big Sal picks up a fire hydrant off the ground to show how strong he is.

Mark needs a Big Sal and this woman may need a bodyguard or else she should really worry about her body being chopped up into little pieces while she sleeps.

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