If there are two words that do not belong next to one another, they are, without a doubt, "penis wrestling."

But we live in a world where other hard-to-wrap-your-head-around two-word phrases, like "President Trump," are a distinct possibility, so "penis wrestling" shouldn't shock you too much.

According to the YouTube description of the above video, "Joey Ryan uses his penis to win a test of strength over Danshoku Dino at DDT Pro Wrestling in Osaka, Japan on November 28th, 2015!"

Talk about a dick move.

How exactly he pulls it off is a mystery of beyond Encyclopedia Brown proportions because there's no way his member should hurt Dino's hand. In fact, since Dino has his hand wrapped up around his junk, you'd think Ryan is the one who'd be in so much pain he'd change octaves.

Ryan may be the innovator the sport needs. Who knows, if this catches on, the "E" in "WWE" may very well stand for "Wrestling Well Endowed."