Here you’ll find our list of the 10 best multiplayer video games ever, because sometimes it’s nice to know you're better than somebody else.

The AI in video games has gotten pretty sophisticated. Enemies will feign and outflank you. But it still isn’t the same as challenging real flesh and blood. No program can come close to the stupid mistakes and accidentally brilliant maneuvers that a human being can make. This simple truth is what makes playing multiplayer games so much fun. They’re that much more challenging and unpredictable. Plus, it’s entertaining to hear the horrific things that people say over the in-game chat.

Below is our list of the 10 Best Multiplayer Video Games Ever:

10. Gotham City Impostors

When the Bat is away, the children will play. You take up either cape or facepaint in this Batman themed knock-off of Team Fortress 2. But, unlike other knock-offs, this one is actually pretty good and brings its own over-the-top flavor of creativity to the team FPS recipe. With endless customization options and an insane amount of power-ups, Gotham City Impostors is well worth a look.

9. Gran Turismo 5

This isn’t for the Sunday racer. Gran Turismo 5 is much more than a racing game -- it's a full on hardcore driver’s simulator. With the ability to dial in camber on each one of your wheels and lighten up flywheels, this game goes deeper than any other racer. This is helpful because you’ll need every little edge those adjustments bring when you face off against some of the most skilled virtual racing drivers in the world.

8. Uncharted 3

If you thought the single player campaign in Uncharted 3 was difficult, try facing off against real people in one of the many multiplayer modes. They’ve taken some of the huge set-piece fights from single player and deftly implemented them into the online arenas. One bout starts with a fleet of trucks chasing down a speeding plane. More action packed than the fourth Indiana Jones movie. Oh wait that doesn’t exist. Nevermind.

7. Mario Kart 64

A staple of the party game genre because of simple controls and insanely fun tracks, Mario Kart 64 stands as a classic. The only way you and your friends will stop playing is when the controller slips from your greasy pizza hands. Mmmmm pizza hands.

5. Goldeneye 64

One of the biggest games in multiplayer history, Goldeneye is a classic. From Jaws to Oddjob, Facility to Temple, a few dozen rounds of Goldeneye is always welcome at a friendly gathering. Except for when someone plays as Oddjob. It simply isn’t fair! With the exception of cheating with Oddjob, Goldeneye makes it onto our list of the 10 best multiplayer video games ever.

4.Team Fortress 2

If you’re looking for a slightly silly multiplayer FPS to shake the Call of Duty dust off your shoulders, then you can do no better than Team Fortress 2. With cartoony art direction and simple, fast-paced gameplay, TF2 is another classic game from the geniuses over at Valve. It manages to deliver hardcore thrills while still keeping the tone light and fun. It is perfect for long, drawn out battles, or the occaisonal jaunt with a bazooka.

3. Counter Strike Source

The updated and polished version of the original classic shooter, Counter Strike Source keeps the gameplay simple. There’s good guys and bad guys. The bad guys want to do bad things and the good guys have to stop them. The premise stays simple and lets the gameplay do the talking. Never before had a game looked this good and played so well. The controls were taught and responsive. It felt the closest to perfection we could get with a run-and-gun military shooter.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Here it is. Finally the multiplayer juggernaut rears it’s head. Ever since Modern Warfare came out, all other multiplayer franchises tried to copy it to no avail. Call of Duty kept things tight, fresh, and inventive. By the third outing in the Modern Warfare line, the multiplayer is as razor’s edge as it could be. Everything you could want from a Call of Duty multiplayer experience is there, right down to the 14-year-old shouting obscenities into your ear.

1. Battlefield 3

Surprisingly, a Call of Duty game isn’t the number one pick on our list of the 10 best multiplayer video games ever. Battlefield 3 trumps that other military shooter with the “Battlefield Factor.” What is that? It is the incredible wow factor that you get from any Battlefield game. The maps are simply huge and that leaves more room for a lot more people to join the fray. Add tanks, jeeps, and fighter jets into the mix, and you have the recipe for an all out multiplayer war. In no other game can you take off an airstrip, engage in an aerial dogfight, bail out at last minute, parachute into a town, and continue the battle on la”Battlefield Factornd before jumping into t tank to blast the hell out of anything that moves. Oh, did we mention that it was fun too?

There you have it folks, the 10 best multiplayer games ever. Instead of shouting obscenities into your in-game microphone, why don’t you channel some of your energy into the comments down below and let us know what you think.

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