Here we have a list of the 10 best video game endings. They made you laugh, they made you cry, and they made you think twice about trading in that disk.

Endings are the most important part of any story. Some people will say the beginning and the middle are just as important, but they all write crap stories. The end is the culmination of the beginning and the middle, so of course it has to be more exciting and enlightening than anything that has come before. Video games become more of a storytelling medium with each year. Each new title holds the promise of a grand interactive movie capable of acrobatic feats of storytelling.

Here’s our list for the 10 best video game endings:

  • 10

    Gears of War 3

    What else could be said about an incredible trilogy of games. Gears of War 3 wraps up the engaging story of a group of marines defending against the onslaught of marauding aliens. But, Gears did it with a sense of heavy handed grace and solemnity. It ends on a reflective note after Adam fades to dust and Marcus reflects on the sacrifices of comrades. Just becuase an ending is somber does not mean that it doesn’t belong on the list of 10 Best Video Game endings. A good tragedy is just as good as a good comedy.

  • 9

    Final Fantasy X

    After an amazing journey through Spira in the quest to defeat the beastly Sin, Tidus and his crew come to find what is at the root of the endless cycle of death and rebirth of the terrible being. Obviously our heroes defeat Yu Yevon and the Zanarkand that was being dreamed fades away with Auron who had died many years before. That also means that Tidus may never have existed. But, post credits, you’re treated to the vision of the famous Blitzball player swimming. So maybe the boy with the terrible laugh survived after all.

  • 8

    Mass Effect 2

    Sometimes an ending isn’t an ending. Sometimes it is just the beginning. With the conclusion of the epic Mass Effect 2, Shepherd doesn’t get a chance to relax at home aboard the Normandy. Instead, he has to prepare to defend humanity, the newest target of the the Collectors. The Reapers have awakened in Dark Space and are heading for the galaxy. This ending only sets the stage for higher stakes and leaves you with a sense of excitement. If only that could be said for Mass Effect 3, which will not be making our 10 best video game endings list.

  • 7

    Chrono Trigger

    After dozens of hours spent with Crono, Marle, and Lucca, you’ve become a little bit attached to them. What better way to end a game than with a festival where a time portal opens and Crono’s mother wanders in. Who wouldn’t be ready for anothe adventure? But, if you used the Epoch in the end, you’ll be treated to Crono and Marle floating off into the moonlight. Come on, who doesn’t like a sappy ending to a good RPG?

  • 6

    Portal 2

    The fantastic sequel to Portal has one of the 10 Best Video Game Endings. After reuniting with GLaDOS who now resides in a potato at the end of your portal gun, you get to send that dithering, backstabbing British AI core blasting into the cold of space where he belongs. Once again GLaDOS is in charge, and you’re serenaded by a few dozen adorable little turrets on your way up to the wheat fields that have grown above the disused lab. Wheat fields... Wheatley... I get what you did Valve, very clever.

  • 5


    Besides being one of the best puzzle games ever concieved, Portal had an amazing ending to it’s simple story. You get to dismember that rude AI bit by bit and watch her fall apart. You finally escape Aperature out into the light of the world only to be knocked down and dragged back under for more testing. This might seem a bit unsatisfying, but who wouldn’t want to delve back into the labs for some more testing. But, it wouldn’t be the same with that silky voice hurling insults at you. I would also be remiss if I didn't touch on the greatest credits song ever conceived. Go on, sing along.

  • 4


    Whichever ending you get in Bioshock, you are sure to be satisfied. Once Atlas reveals his true self and you make your way to finally end Fontaine’s reign over Rapture, you can really bask in the end of your incredible journey through corrption and philosophy. It was also awesome to see all the Little Sisters you saved come to your aid with their foot long needles. For multiple endings each as good as the other, Bioshock lands a spot on our 10 best video game endings list list.

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    Uncharted 2

    The Uncharted games are known for their grand and adventurous stories, but the second in the series really hits home as an almost perfect ending. The final reveal of the city of Shambala and the resting place of the Cintamani Stone are incredible eye candy. As with any great adventure story, the crazed warlord is defeated, the magic relic too powerful for man is lost, and the city where it resided is destroyed in a way that the hero can leap to safety within seconds of the last bit of road falling away. Reunited with his one and only companion Elena, Drake make the required witty adventure hero remark and the credits roll. Uncharted 2 is what Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull should have been.

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    Shadow of the Colossus

    No other game makes you feel more horrible about yourself as you ride through the barren landscape in search of giant wandering animals to stab to death. A piece of you dies with each giant beast in your quest to save the girl. This strange feeling of conflict comes to a very stage culmination, when you find out that you are not in fact the hero, but the villain. Upon returning to the temple after killing the final living mountain, you are transformed into a giant shadow beast looking to wreak destruction on the newly arrived heroes. It all culminates in you being sucked into a vortex. This turn of character polarity may seem unfulfilling, but like the rest of this unconventional game, it serves to heighten the sparse and brilliant story.

  • 1

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Quite possibly the best game ever created and bestowed upon gamers of any age, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has one of the most satisfying conclusions ever played. After making your way through the castle to defeat Ganondorf, you then have to run your little green booties all the way through the crumbling castle only to have to destroy his final form. Once Ganon is vanquished, only then are the sages safe and balance restored to Hyrule. All throughout the credits, you’re treated to the denizens of the land all rejoicing. But, the most satisfying part comes after the credits. Link returns the Master Sword to its home in the Temple of Time and becomes a child once again. You’re left with a retread of the iconic moment of Link meeting Zelda for the first time. Only this time, the’ve seen themselves old but can now make up for lost time and share a childhood together.

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