Little 3-year-old Dillan Warden was recently playing in his front yard when he felt nature call. The toddler is being potty trained and, since he wasn’t close to a bathroom, he did what any young boy in the situation would do —- he unzipped and let it fly. Instead of being rewarded for keeping his big boy pants dry, he found himself slapped with a $2,500 fine for public urination.

Keep in mind this wasn’t on Bourbon Street or behind the bushes at a college football tailgate -- this was on his family’s two-and-a-half acres in Piedmont, Oklahoma, a small town northwest of Oklahoma City. A local police officer with way too much time on his hands apparently felt that Dillan was a threat to the community and issued him a ticket. Dillan’s mom says the officer in question often parks at the end of their street, despite it being in a rural area with no real crime to patrol.

Dillan’s parents say they plan on fighting the ticket. They have a court appearance set next month.

[Update: After this story received a good deal of local publicity, the mayor of Piedmont told an Oklahoma City radio station that the local District Attorney would not be pursuing the charges.]

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