Women flashing their breasts? It happens all the time at bars, concerts and just about every NASCAR race. Men flashing their breast implants? Not so much. Until now.

Meet Jeremy Owens. Perhaps he wants to be the first guy on 'Girls Gone Wild?'

Police say Owens, 23, of Old Forge, Pa. (it's near Scranton and is sometimes called 'The Pizza Capital of the World') flashed his breast implants inside a Walmart in Taylor, Pa. Authorities said when they apprehended Owens, he began banging his head against the window of the police car, causing him to bleed. They say Owens then spit his blood at them.

Wait... exposed breasts, head-banging and blood spitting? Does that mean police can arrest every KISS and Slayer concert-goer of the past 40 years?

Owens faces charges of aggravated assault, public drunkenness, drug possession and more.

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