Macaroons are easily the most feminine pastry choice. Actually, just saying ‘pastry choice’ made us lose about thirteen man points. Well, thanks to Miss Insomnia Tulip of Leeds, England, we can get our hands on some drool-worthy macaroons and feel pretty damn manly about it too.

The insanely-talented owner of The Evil Cake Shop, Miss IT, has been known to crank out some odd creations. She's making headlines in the UK for her recently-introduced Anatomical Macaroons. She took the classic dessert, cranked up its mini size about 5 times, and shaped them into different body organs. Her decorating skills amped up these pastries to look like actual hearts, lungs, kidneys, and even large intestines--in cookie form, of course. We were almost fooled.

However, what really caught our eye was the male and female reproductive system macaroons, and they’re not nearly as sexy as they sound. They look like a diagram a high school science textbook. All joking aside, the details are really impressive, but basically, she makes penis cookies.

Miss IT will be selling these macaroons at St. Bart’s in London this October at Eat Your Heart Out-- a 3 day cakeshop event taking place at the hospital’s pathology museum.


Miss IT is also doing a number on Blow Pops. She has given that candy treat an entirely new meaning. Her version of Blow Pops are actually cake pops decorated to look like blow-up doll heads with their mouths wide open.

So is it weird to get a little turned on by a pastry?

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