Well boys, we finally found her – the one girl you can get off without being well versed in the Kama Sutra or hung like a race horse.

In fact, you do not even have to touch this girl to get her going. No gents, this girl is doomed by a rare and incurable medical condition that causes her to have up to 100 orgasms a day for absolutely no reason at all.

Kim Ramsey has been diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), which causes her body to always be in a state of arousal, and if she experiences even the slightest of movements, her “who-ha” seizes up like a slug bathing in lemon juice.

Ramsey says her condition makes it difficult to have any kind of regular life or relationship, as the pelvic vibrations she encounters on the train, in the car or simply doing household chores can bring on a blackout orgasm so fierce that it renders her helpless.

"Other women wonder how to have an orgasm," said Ramsey. "I wonder how to stop mine."

What’s strange is that doctors say her condition is caused by a Tarlov cyst that likely developed at the part of her spine that spawns orgasms in women after suffering a fall down the stairs in 2001. (Ladies, please do not throw yourself down a flight of stairs in order to finally achieve an orgasm.)

In 2008, Ramsey noticed that the proverbial faucet would not stop running after getting it on with her new boyfriend.

"I had constant orgasms for four days. I thought I was going mad," she said. "We tried everything to make it stop. Squats, deep breathing, I even sat on frozen peas but the orgasms and sexual arousal continued for 36 hours - I must have had around 200 orgasms during that period. The pain and exhaustion was excruciating."

While Ramsey has gone to see several specialists, it wasn’t until June that doctors in Pennsylvania were able to give her an official diagnosis. We bet that was an interesting series of tests.

Ramsey is planning a trip to London next month to see a PGAD expert where she hopes they can help tune back the geyser coming from her uterus.