Leave it up to the Angry Birds to find a way to get ticked off while in a tropical paradise. But that's just what's going on in Angry Birds Rio! Of course being kidnapped and shipped down there helps a little bit. But you should be happy that you can get a great game from Rovio for free. That's why Angry Birds Rio is today's Free App of the Day!

In this game, the original Angry Birds are pilfered and smuggled to the shining jewel of Brazil -- Rio de Janeiro! The birds escape and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – who you might recognize from the animated movie. Yeah, there's movie stars in this game! That's just one reason why you need to play this great spin-off.

Other reasons include the good 'ol Mighty Eagle, new gameplay goals and achievements, and power-ups to boost your birds. You can use cool stuff like the Sling Scope, Super Seeds, Samba Burst, and TNT Drop.

Definitely take advantage of this great price drop and pick up Angry Birds Rio today for your iPhone & iPad!

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