Apollo 10, the 1969 around-the-moon space mission, is back in the news after transcripts resurfaced which explain, in graphic detail, about a "close encounter with the turd kind."

On page 414 of the 500 page document, commander Tom Stafford asks one of the other astronauts on the mission for a napkin because "there's a turd floating through the air." In true dude fashion, command module pilot John Young quickly skirts the blame toward the third inhabitant of the ship -- lunar module pilot Gene Cernan.

"I didn't do it," Young says in the official documents. "It ain't one of mine."

Good job Young. Get it down in official NASA paperwork the butt nugget didn't come from the backside of this particular space cowboy.

Apparently, floating chocolate sharks swimming in zero gravity is a semi-common occurrence in space travel. Since going number 2 involves a plastic bag, some errant extra turdrestrials will attempt to escape.

Long before Yelp reviews, the crew voiced their displeasure with the accommodations in the official flight ledger.

"In general, the Apollo waste management system worked satisfactorily from an engineering standpoint," according to the biomedical review. "From the point of view of crew acceptance, however, the system must be given poor marks."

Captain's log indeed.

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