If you asked Siri what the 10 best iPhone games were, she’d probably answer with a list that looks a little like this.

It’s a phone. It’s a workstation. It’s the internet. It’s a handheld gaming console to be reckoned with. The iPhone revolutionized the way we thought of a phone. With it’s incredible processing and graphics powers, it was only a matter of time until some creative developers cobbled together some apps purely for your amusement. iPhone games opened up a whole new world for little game developers to make their creations some to life.

Here’s our list of the 10 best iPhone games ever to be tapped, swiped, and caressed by your fingers.

10. Doodle Jump

What could be more addictive and entertaining than tilting your iPhone around to help the Doodler get up a never ending piece of paper? Simplicity is the spice of the iPhone game and Doodle Jump nails this concept perfectly. The controls are simple and the concept is even more concise. All you have to do is avoid some baddies and leap your way up an infinite piece of paper to an epic high score. Then you can brag about it to all of your friends.

9. I Love Katamari

Admit it. You love Katamari. Who doesn't love Katamari. What could be better than having Katamari right in your pocket? With it's gyroscope, the iPhone provided the perfect control scheme for a game where you essentially rolled up the world into a ball for some celestial god to hurl up into the sky. It is completely inane and one of the funniest games around, and for that it rolls into number nine on our list.

8. Super Brothers: Sword and Sorcery EP

Easily the most visionary game on this best iPhone games list, Super Brothers: Sword and Sorcery EP stands alone in its stellar amalgamation of 8-bit point and click adventure game style and amazing soundtrack. It is one of the few titles that pushes the limits of gaming as medium of art. Shunning mainstream expectations, Super Brothers takes a big step away from the expected and into the realm of the unknown, with fantastic results.

7. Where's My Water?

Everyone loves adorable, and what could be more cute than a scummy sewer reptile simply looking to get a shower? Swampy's shower ran out of water and it's up to someone with an iPhone to carve a route for the water to flow into the pumping and get that gator clean. With over 80 puzzling levels utilizing some seriously realistic water physics, Where's My Water? is an addictive game. At the very least it makes you wonder where the water in your shower comes from.

6. Infinity Blade 2

The follow up to one of the top selling iOS games of all time, Infinity Blade 2 retains the same repetitive story structure and brutal combat mechanics while being able to add a new level of depth to the world the original created. There are new weapons, combos, and magic for you to take down your opponent with a swipe of your finger. The sword fights are fast and frenetic with your fingers easily becoming cramped, but you work through the pain in order to make it just a little bit further on your quest for the Infinity Blade.

5. Cut the Rope

The name of this iPhone game says it all. Swipe your finger to cut the rope and drop a candy into the open maw of a waiting lizard creature in his box. For such a simple concept, this game has an incredibly diverse number of levels and additional mechanics. Elastic rope, spikes, bumble bees, and mischievous spiders are only a part of what you'll encounter when trying to feed the always hungry Om Nom.

4. Tiny Wings

Created by just one man, Tiny Wings is an example of the most minimalist game available today. You simply need to help a little bird with small wings get as far across the landscape as possible before nightfall. Touching the screen will fold in the bird's wings and he'll plummet into a valley and launch up and out of the other side. The game's terrain is determined by an algorithm and changes on a daily basis keeping this game fresh and new just about every morning.

3. Fruit Ninja

No other game has so completely captured the satisfying squelch of a watermelon being carved in twain than Fruit Ninja. An arcade style shooting gallery where fruit is tucked up and you get to slice away with your finger in pursuit of a a high score. Somehow Fruit Ninja makes the idea of cutting up fruit into a visceral experience complete with plumes of fruit juice spraying against the back wall. Who knew making fruit salad could be so much fun?

2. Plants Vs. Zombies

The tower defense game has been around for ages, but Plants Vs. Zombies polished and perfected the concept to a high sheen. The world has ended and obviously the zombies are hungry for brains, but this homeowner isn't going down without a fight. Using your vast variety of exceedingly overprotective plants, you get to defend your house from the onslaught of adorable walking dead.

1. Angry Birds Space

Easily topping the 10 best iPhone games list, none can resist the allure of irate budgerigars when they've ventured off planet and out into the stars in search of limbless pigs to destroy. This pack of pissed off birds reigns supreme on the iOS for good reason. Angry Birds Space takes up the torch of the original and adds a whole new dimension to the already addictive gameplay with changing gravity, orbital trajectories, and birds with rocket boosters. The pigs thought they were safe in their titanium space stations, but they were wrong. Very wrong.

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