Hey America, if you were wondering how you could possibly gain more weight eating fast food -- wonder no more -- Burger King has got your ever-expanding backside covered.

Following testing in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia and Peru, BK is offering delivery service at ten participating locations in Maryland and Virginia.  Six more restaurants will be added in the coming weeks.

Currently, the service is available from 11am to 10pm via the web or by phone. There is a $2 delivery charge and $8-10 minimum (varies by restaurant). The delivery menu does not include fountain drinks (bottled only), milkshakes, coffee or breakfast foods. Looks like it's pizza or leftover Chinese for breakfast again.

If successful, analysts believe this could be a 'game changer' for the #2 burger chain. We feel it could be a 'pants changer' (up a couple sizes) or at the very least a 'population changer' because it's going to kill some people.

[Via USA Today]

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