With the Super Bowl coming up, we wanted to see if we could get a sneak preview of the winner, but how? Do research on each of the players? Call Miss Cleo? We'll do research the best way we know how -- by pitting the Giants and Patriots against each other on Tecmo Super Bowl on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

We originally wanted to try this on Tecmo Bowl, but the original title didn't have New England, but in it's 1991 sequel, Tecmo Super Bowl, we were able to choose both New England and New York. We set up so the computer played as both teams, grabbed some snacks and sat back to watch what could be the best Super Bowl we've had in a long time.

tecmo super bowl

The Giants win the coin toss and it's already action packed from the get go. It didn't take very long for New York to score their first touchdown. Not to be out-done, New England scored their first touchdown on the next possession. Both teams with successful point after attempts, the first quarter ends with a tied score of 7-7.

At the beginning of the second quarter it doesn't take the Giants long (four plays) to score their second touchdown. Repeating what happened in the first quarter of the game, the Patriots scored on their next possession as well. The score is now tied 14-14.

A few minutes pass with standard plays. Giants Fumble! Giants Fumble! New England picks it up! They go for a long bomb which goes incomplete. With only a few seconds on the clock, New England punts to New York. They go for a pass which is intercepted by New England. The Patriots go for a field goal with 10 seconds on the clock which is good. New England goes into the locker room with a 17-14 lead.

Half Time

Wow! Madonna doesn't look half bad for her age!

half time

Giants score the first touchdown of the third quarter to put them back in the lead. The score is now 21-17 G-Men.

Here we go, 4th quarter and New England scores a touchdown almost immediately to go up 24-21. After big gains on the ground, the Giants score another touchdown to make it 28-24. Time is running out and it looks like the Giants are going to make it. With about a minute left on the clock, New England cuts through New York's defenses and scores! New England on top 31-28 and, as the clock ticks to zero, the game is over!

According to Tecmo Super Bowl, the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl XLVI. We'll see how accurate this is coming up this Sunday. We think it will be 100% correct, except for the Madonna part.

Patroits over Giants

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