We sang her praises when we listed the Hot Girls of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ but we’re still crushing on Joss Whedon alum Charisma Carpenter.

The sexy Las Vegas native is co-starring in ‘The Expendables 2,’ opening this weekend. Carpenter is reprising the role of Lacy, Jason Statham’s super hot girlfriend. Here’s hoping we get to see more of Carpenter in the sequel than we did on the original. Her short scenes left us wanting more.

Carpenter is best known for playing Cordelia Chase on ‘Buffy’ and its spinoff series, ‘Angel.’ She’s also appeared on ‘Veronica Mars,’ ‘Legend of the Seeker,’ 'Supernatural,’ and ‘Burn Notice.’

The Saturn Award nominated actress posed nude for Playboy in 2004. Carpenter is still hot enough to land on the Crush list and appear as a babe in one of the summer’s most anticipated blockbusters.


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