Yes, it is actually luxurious. When Christian Schallert first showed his mother the apartment he had bought in Barcelona, she wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into. The apartment, no bigger than a single room in an American house, was tiny, dark and dank. But not for long.

Using what seems to be a highly developed Ikea-meets-motorhome sensibility, Schallert made good use of every inch of space by putting all the rooms of his man cave behind doors and in drawers. Check out how he can turn his living room into a kitchen, then a closet and a bedroom. You won’t believe where he keeps the bed.

Aside from the 100 stairs you have to climb to get to it, Schallert’s pad is a babe magnet. It reveals his smart, efficient and resourceful personality. It keeps him in shape. It's always clean. And, what girl wouldn’t be smitten with the guy who could get her a beer without leaving the bed? Perhaps only the girl who has already visited this apartment in Hong Kong.