On the Internet, Chuck Norris always wins.

Last month, Jean Claude Van Damme and Volvo teamed up for a memorable ad, one that rocketed around the Web as millions of viewers (64 million, at least so far) saw the Dutch action star perform "the most epic of splits" while balancing himself between two huge trucks driving backwards.

Pretty spectacular, right? Well, that was nothing.

Enter Chuck Norris, who takes things to the next level—literally. Instead of merely riding along the ground, Norris executes his split thousands of feet in the air, between a couple of airplanes (and there's even more, just watch). The narrator reads from 'Hamlet' as the same Enya song from the Van Damme ad plays softly in the background. Once again, we must tip our hat to you, Mr. Norris.

Here's the original Van Damme ad for Volvo: