Just as dude who wants to keep his girlfriend happy but doesn't want to get married will propose without setting a date, game publishers sometimes keep rabid fans at bay by giving games vague release dates like "summer" or "August."

That was exactly what happened to Darksiders II when THQ said it would come out in August rather than June, but the publisher has finally vowed to make an honest woman of the game, saying it's due out Aug. 14.

In the revolving door world of game news, there's usually a delay or two for every game that gets an official date. The victim in this case is South Park: The Stick of Truth, an RPG we're mildly intrigued with but are skeptical will be any good. Kotaku reports THQ has shifted the game's release window from the non-specific "2012" to the equally vague "2013."

Don't go picking out wedding cakes and place settings just yet, The Stick of Truth. Your man is getting cold feet.