As far as introductions go, Diablo III had a rougher time than we did in our atomic wedgie-filled first day of high school. Blizzard's PC lootfest came out Tuesday, cursed with overloaded servers and a bug that ended the games of some players lucky enough to actually play the game.

In a normal situation, server downtime would be a forgivable annoyance, and players could just plug away at the single-player mode until things were straight. Not so with Diablo III, because Blizzard cursed the game with demonic piracy protection that forces the game to be online at all times, regardless of which mode they're playing. After struggling to get up and running much of the launch day, the servers finally seem good to go.

There's no such good news yet about a bug that forces players out of their games if they play as a member of the Demon Hunter class and trade trade an equipped shield with a Templar. We would guess that Blizzard will release a patch soon that would fix the glitch. They did release a statement via their Twitter account saying "We're currently investigating the issue that some have been experiencing with vanishing #D3 achievements. Thanks for your reports." "Thanks for your reports" is a nice way of saying "WE KNOW! WE KNOW SHUT UP ALREADY!"

For now, though, expect to battle Blizzard's screwiness as much as you will monsters and demons.

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