A man born with lopsided testicles has become the first person ever to have them made more symmetrical with -- get this -- a chin implant. Kinda adds new meaning to the phrase "balls on chin," eh? There's no official word, by the way, on whether the man's nether region now sports a manly cleft.

The 45-year-old man was born with a tiny right testicle that never descended. So, doctors removed the non-functional testicle several years ago and replaced it with a large implant. Problem is, his testicles still looked uneven and he obsessed over the physical imperfection because he suffers from body dysmorphic disorder.

So, doctors in Mexico last year made a small incision in the man's groin and inserted a silicon chin implant between his left testicle and several layers of tissue, a procedure which they say is safe and doesn't impact fertility or sexual function.

In fact, the man's surgeon and urologist, Fernando Ugarte, said he resumed sexual activity a month after the surgery. And now, a year later, the man's "testicular function is perfect" and he's reportedly feeling fine.

But Ugarte wasn't done there. Since the man's breakthrough surgery, the doctor has performed the same procedure twice, describing it as a viable alternative for men who aren't happy with the size of their testicles.

"There are many people who are probably not feeling satisfied with their testicular size, and now they have a new option," said Ugarte.

Um, thanks but no thanks, doc. We're perfectly happy with ours the way they are.

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