Pizza chains are officially out of control. They're constantly cranking out weird food inventions like crust stuffed with hot dogs and the heart attack-inducing Cone Crust Pizza. It's like they need to up the ante in the game of tomato pies.

As far as we're concerned, pizza is pizza, and we don't need all that extra crap to enjoy a greasy slice of dough. However, one recent cheesy invention did catch our attention-- the Kobe Beef Steak pizza.

Domino's recently rolled out this meaty creation in Japan. The pie features onions, potatoes, steak sauce, cheese and, of course, Kobe beef. This "luxury pizza" clocks in at around $66, because the specialty meat is expensive stuff. That means you'd be shelling out about $8.25 for a slice, so is it really worth the price?

We haven't been able to hang out in Japan recently, so it's taste still remains a mystery. Some people have been lucky enough to grub and give a review.

Until then, we'll just save our cash and stick to the two-for-one pizza beer deal.

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