The new Cone Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut-- with a crust made of 12 calzone-like cones stuffed with either cream cheese, honey mustard chicken, or both -- really is the perfect dish to push the US obesity rate over the illusive 75% mark. But, alas, it's only available in the Middle East.

Perhaps Pizza Hut is just testing the food Frankenstein overseas and it will soon reach our shores. Or maybe it is part of an effort to win the hearts and minds of folks in the embattled region by giving them the best American culture has to offer. "Sorry about that anti-Islam movie, here, like us again."

We are a bit worried about the honey mustard/tomato sauce taste combination. Although, there was a time when we were reluctant to dip a slice of pizza into ranch dressing but now that's what many Americans call breakfast.

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