Harley Morenstein and the guys from 'Epic Meal Time' have begrudgingly decided to work on a salad.

But this ain't no ordinary salad, folks; this is an affront to nature made up of a variety of cooked chicken food items. You've got everything from your standard fried chicken, chicken breasts, chicken radish balls, chicken nuggets and even a healthy helping of whole rotisserie chickens.

A bunch of the chicken is covered in several rubs for flavor and color, giving everything a more appetizing look and taste. The most important part is that they cover a lot of chicken in Sriracha, which is probably the most correct move they've ever made.

Also, one of the funniest lines is uttered when one dude tries to toss a nugget into his mouth before another guy swats it away and say, "I'm like Dikembe Motumbo in a LEGO movie; I got ALL the blocks!"

Watch the finished product above and then try hard not to recreate this at home and doom your diet.

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