Is this what people mean when they say the machines will one day take over?

In this ad for gas station hot dogs by Norway's Statoil -- is that something that should even be advertised? -- an excavator puts a frankfurter together for a customer. No matter how much better the dog is, we'd still take Burger King's newest offering over it, although we'd choose it over this KFC disaster. And this? Well, nothing could get us to eat that.

Apparently, Statoil wants the world to know it is serving better hot dogs, which is progress, considering gas stations scientifically can't serve worse hot dogs. Gas station wieners make 7-Eleven hot dogs seem like culinary masterpieces on par with your grandma's homemade cranberry sauce she only busts out on Thanksgiving.

And, side note: if you're choosing which gas station to go based on hot dogs, you're missing the point. That's about a half-step up from giving your business to a gas station because it has the best flowers to give to your girlfriend in the ultimate "I'm really not into this relationship" gesture.