Cover your crotch fellas, something in your house might be aiming for your junk.

Recent data published in the Journal of Urology analyzed the last decade of genital-related injuries in American adults and came to the conclusion that incorrect use of common household products are the usual cause of nut trauma. What exactly is considered "trauma" for this study? According to the Journal it's injuries deemed "remarkable given its uniquely sensitive nature and possible reproductive consequences." Just reading that statement sent sharp sympathy pains through our scrotums.

Gathering hospital data since 2002, here are the biggest ball busters to watch out for, based on the findings:

  1. Bicycles (1,212 injuries)
  2. Razors, scissors and clippers (1,089)
  3. Zippers (951)
  4. Bathroom falls and mishaps (818)
  5. Basketball (309)
  6. Baseball and softball (240)
  7. Skiing and snowboarding (182)

Perhaps the emphasis on bike helmet safety should include the wearing of protective cups?