It must be nice to be so filthy rich that a gifted Lamborghini Miura S can just rot in a parking garage for thirty years and, eh, no big deal. It must also be cool to be 'Greek Elvis' but let's focus on the car.

Stamatis Kokotas, also known as the Greek Elvis, was a huge star. So huge, the uber-rich Aristotle Onassis gifted him the Miura S getting towed in the photo above back in 1969. Greek Elvis loved the car, as well as his other sports cars, but it seems he pushed this bucket of thunder a little too hard.

Jalopnik explains how the gorgeous car came to rot in the parking garage of the Hilton Athens.

"According to the known history, an engine failure stopped the bolognese beauty in 1972 after covering a quite respectable 52,118 miles. The misbehaving V12 was taken out and sent back to Sant'Agata for repairs, and the car was parked at the underground garage of Hilton Athens. The popstar lost interest pretty soon after that, and since no one payed the certainly high amount the Lamborghini techs were charging, the engine remained at the factory. On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, a brown Miura was doomed."

The car was moved into storage in 2003 when the hotel underwent renovation for the 2004 Olympics and came out of hiding to get its day at auction. Bidding rose to $483,210 but it wasn't enough.

The most important point we're missing in all this is that if you've got the money, you can leave your junk parked inside a Hilton for years. Especially the Paris location.

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