There is no such thing as an ugly baby. Kidding. There are and one guy divorced his wife for having an ugly baby.

Up until recently, Jian Feng and wife were living a happy life over in China. He loved her, she loved him, and all that crap led to Mrs. Feng getting knocked up. At that point in a relationship, it’s standard to know basically everything about your spouse, but it seems like the wife left out a small tidbit of information; before they met, she underwent about $100,000 worth of plastic surgery so she looked a little different in the past. Perky boobs + tighter butt = should-be-happy Feng. Apparently, this caused a slight issue with their offspring.

When his wife gave birth to their daughter, the guy was horrified by how ugly the baby came out. We repeat: Feng was horrified that his own daughter was so ugly. That’s not even the worst part; after learning his wife wasn’t always so hot, Feng decided to divorce her, claiming they married under “false pretense.”

Ready for kicker number three? The case was taken to court, and Feng won $120,000.

Hopefully this massive jerk is at least putting the money to good use, like for a penis enhancement and a sports car. He's gonna need them.

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