The internet is rife with food eating challenges, each one more stomach-churning than the next.

The latest? This glutton for punishment, indigestion and severe potty time who decided to see if he could eat every item on the menu at a White Castle in New York City. If you've ever been to a fast food restaurant in the Big Apple, then you know this is about as bright an idea as trying to drive your car through Times Square on New Year's Eve. New York's fast food restaurants are so sketchy that even the rats are like, "You know what? We'd rather starve than rummage through your dumpster."

Anyhoo, he goes all out, ordering everything the restaurant has to offer, including something called "fish nibblers" and the litany of multi-worded desserts (fudge-dipped cheesecake on a stick, anyone?).

Curious onlookers and one zealous employees root him on, while another customer drinking a beer (in a White Castle -- he's winning at life) thinks he's being funny when he says, "I'll see you in the obituary page."

It cost him a hair over 60 bucks and more than 9,700 calories later he had Chenobyl-ized his stomach and inevitably sent his blood pressure soaring to levels only the International Space Station are supposed to reach.